Ranges Shotgun International Trap

The Shotgun Range includes one International Trap field for international single and double-trap events. Up to 7.5 shot ammunition may be used on this range – no buckshot or slugs. The Club provides clay targets for members and guests at $4.00 a round (25 targets) or $3.00 per round if buying prepaid card of 10 games for $30.00. Members or guests may not use their own targets.

The International Trap field is used for recreational fire and competitions and is available through the QSC Operations Officer.

No weapon shall be taken up to the firing line unless the rounds for which that weapon is chambered are authorized to be discharged on that range at that time.  

The Shotgun range is for shotguns only.  

  Please visit Transporting Firearms prior to visiting. You can also download the following document MCBO 3570.1A.